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Jesse PNW found Obstacle Course racing at the end of 2013 with a race called the Dirty Dash. Crossing the finish line at the Dirty Dash he noticed a spark within him and he needed (wanted) more. At the young age of 36, Jesse began this new journey and as many similar to him, looked for a change. When he got ready to put in the work, the world of OCR awaited him.

Two weeks later Jesse and a close friend traveled to Flathead Lake in Montana to run the Spartan Race. This was the second year Spartan held this event in Montana, they called it The Founders Sprint. The following year they renamed it the Montana Beast and Sprint. With years of chaotic history and past demons behind him, Jesse showed up with the unknown right in front of him.

When he jumped over the first wall entering the coral at the starting line that day little did he know his life was changing forever. Over the course of 5+ miles Jesse encountered obstacles such as 10ft walls, barbed wire crawls, sled pulls, rope climbs and never ending hill climbs just to name a few.

The beginning to a life changing journey that soon will involve many like-minded people, similar to yourself, was born that day. 

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