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 OCR. What is it? If your reading this, you probably have a basic understanding that Obstacle Course Racing is not a just a normal 5k fun run or 26.2 Marathon down a winding road. You may find your self in the desert carrying a 75lbs bucket of gravel in 95° heat, scaling 8’+ walls or conquering ¼ mile barbwire crawl in 6” of water in the freezing cold. Either way you will be tested physically, mentally and spiritually.

 We all have limits (Obstacles) we place in front of ourselves because of security or insecurities that keep us from accomplishing the things we truly know we can. Some of us have real physical limitations that we dream of overcoming but have yet to believe is possible. OCR is more than a race, for many including myself it’s a new beginning of a change in living life as we know it. Obstacle Course Racing provides a platform that delivers the opportunity to pull ourselves out of the comfort zone that confines us.

 Whatever the situation or circumstance that brings you to the moment of making that decision to run your first OCR, life starts to change. The research of what lies ahead, how to train, nutrition and the question of, “If I have to can I do this on my own?” begins.

 There are many OCRs to choose from like Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Survivor Run, Terrain Race and The Dirty Dash to name a few. There is no official level of difficulty grading system in place as of now. But with participants numbering in the thousands and growing every year information and personal feedback on every race is not hard to obtain.

 There is an OCR waiting for all. Most question their decision to run in the beginning and again at the half way point (whatever mile that may be). Whatever the answer is you’ll know at the finish line.

                                                                                                       Jesse PNW

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